The Italian American Federation

of The East Bay


The Italian language and culture class for children at the Colombo Club will begin its 7th year in the Fall!  With the addition of Stefania Olivieri, a new lead parent, and our two native Italian teachers, we reorganized the class last year.  The class now utilizes a cross curriculum approach in which each class has a theme and includes instruction in different specialties:  Grammar, Reading, Writing, Art, and even some Cooking!  This of course is for the older children, 5 to 12 year olds.  We also offered a short immersion class for Pre-K kids which was mostly singing and music.  

Given the strong popularity and success of our new class, we intend to reintroduce it this Fall.  In addition, we will offer classes for children with NO experience in Italian as I have had many requests for this.  In addition, we will offer a more advanced class for teenagers.

The classes will be held every other Sunday with varying times between 10:00am to 12:30pm.  

Do you have children, nephews/nieces, grandchildren, or friends who might be interested?  My Gemelli (Twins) have really benefitted from these classes and I know yours would too.  Please contact Carlo Tamburrino at cell. phone

(510) 520-6732 or email at for information and enrollment.  

As time has passed in America, Italian is heard less and less.  Of course, there are many reasons for it but I am sure you all agree that it is the most basic link to our cultural heritage.

Non dimentichiamo le nostre radici e la nostra bellissima madre lingua!

(Let’s not forget our roots and our beautiful mother language!)  


Carlo Tamburrino

Cell. phone (510) 520-6732

Email at